About us

We are pioneers in innovation consulting


Value proposition

We improve the innovation performance of our clients


Additional value of networks

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts   Aristoteles

For more than 15 years we have passionately and with an analytical mind been focused on improving our clients’ innovation performance significantly. We supported clients of diverse backgrounds like high-tech companies, innovation and business agencies, research & development organisations

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Whether it is half-day workshops for SMEs or the intensive support of a regional innovation policy over a ten-year period, we always approach it with the same aspiration of providing excellence in service quality.

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The most valuable asset of our company has developed to a WHOLE based on the SUM of many individual client projects: Our innovation network across all industries and lines of business enables us to provide real additional value to our clients, even beyond our mutual projects.

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A company’s competitiveness derives from its core competencies   G.Hamel / C.K. Prahalad


Methods and tools

Using the right methods to the right time, at the right place



We supported various industries

From working with many successful clients we know that particular competencies are required for outstanding performance. Core competencies arise from a set of company-specific resources and skills. They form the basis of sustainable success and are an essential point of departure for growth outside the current field of business.

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You are looking for growth opportunities beyond your core markets? Do you need a fresh breeze for habitual strategy work? Are you looking for unexplored innovation potential of your products, components or parts? We are Austria’s pioneers in the practical application of systematic innovation methods.

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Over the last 15 years we were able to cooperate intensively with all four stakeholder groups of regional innovation systems. This makes us the partner of choice for cross-sector, cross-industry and cross-organisational innovation initiatives.

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