Added value of networks

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Aristoteles (384 - 322 BC)


The most valuable asset of our company has developed to a WHOLE based on the SUM of many individual client projects: Our innovation network across all industries and lines of business enables us to provide real added value to our clients, even beyond our mutual projects.


Our web platform “BridgeUp!” was created together with internationally renowned business clusters. It offers a unique opportunity to utilise the networks and competencies of businesses and R&D organisations that we cooperate closely with and which are open to growth opportunities across all industries, lines of business and regions.


Our network partners and IMG are dedicated to our goal, “innovation through cooperation”. Together we offer impulses, detailed strategies and practical implementation support for creating new value-added partnerships, R&D cooperation or cross-organisation business development.



We accelerate cross-industry innovations!


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