A company’s competitiveness derives from ist core competencies.

G.Hamel / C.K. Prahalad, Management Gurus


From working with many successful clients we know that particular competencies are required for outstanding performance. Core competencies arise from a set of company-specific resources and skills. They form the basis of sustainable success and are an essential point of departure for growth outside the current field of business.


Our FOUR fields of competence enabling us to make a difference for our clients are:

Together with our clients we create powerful innovation systems - on department, company and cross-organisation level.

We identify growth options that are specific to the organisation and support the development of business fields: a full service from the analysis to the evaluation right up to the implementation.

We support innovation networks - strategic and operative.

We refine personal and organisational innovation competencies.



We work structured, focussing on client benefit!


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