Methods and tools

Using the right methods to the right time at the right places.



You are looking for growth opportunities beyond your core markets?


We have developed Competence-Mapping specifically for companies with limited time and staff resources. This enables us to provide a quick and systematic analysis of company competencies, to examine the business model and to identify business and competence development potential. With cutting edge analyses and research tools we detect and create short-term, mid-term and long-term growth potential and prepare strategies for you.


We were able to analyse more than 200 competence fields and to research 500 growth and competence development potentials for more than 70 companies in 20 different industries.




Business Driver Mapping©

You need a fresh breece for habitual strategy work?


Business Driver Mapping© was specifically developed for medium-seized tech businesses. It combines a profound systematic field analysis with an investigation of current strategies and business models, while always being mindful of your time and resources.


Applying a three-step process in an in-depth environment business relevance and network analysis, we identify your Core Business Drivers and subject them to a strategy and business model check. Recognizing the key factors for future business success, we offer strategic conclusions, identify innovation potential and initiate projects.


Using our approach has given new insights and strategic inputs to companies from diverse industries like plant engineering, coating technology, software, metrology or kiln manufacturing.




Are you looking for unexplored innovation potential of your products, components or parts?


We are Austria’s pioneers in the practical application of systematic innovation methods.


In a series of workshops, we determine together with your internal development engineers the current development status of a technical system based on the analysis of millions of patents and current development trends. Based on these trends we generate and assess ideas and create solution concepts. The most promising solutions for the predefined development goals are selected and implemented.


Over the last 15 years we were able to provide innovation potential to improve client value, enable cost optimisation or realise new product functions using the I-Scout© innovation method. We made a difference to a wide field of products, from simple door fittings to technical systems up to complex extrusion lines.






Our tools


The right tools make our consulting powerful


Over the years we have gained comprehensive competence in applying creativity tools, analysis and research tools, as well as tools of decision making and change management.




Since early 2015 we run the internet platform BridgeUp!.


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We work structured, focussing on client benefit!


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