Innovation System Design

Innovation success needs time to mature



Growth Strategies

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell   E. Abbey



Competence & Business Development

An organisation becomes bewildered rather than energised when it’s asked to do too much at once   M. Hammer / J. Champy

You have invested a lot of energy and money in your innovation management and are still not happy with the results? Too little innovation spirit, too many processes, too much bureaucracy, sluggish projects, hardly any output?
For many companies it is essential to install a powerful innovation engine and to keep optimizing it. Sometimes suddenly and sometimes slowly the engine loses power. What fine tuning is necessary in such cases?

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Saturated home-market, increasing export risks, too little profit margin due to fierce competition? You need a smart growth agenda!
The ever increasing dynamics and saturation of the market pose a big challenge to many businesses. Most competitors use similar growth strategies and growth potential is often exclusively seen in existing markets.

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Business models without specific USPs, marketing messages that are hardly any different from those of the competition, difficulties communication the strengths of your business and the extra value for your clients? You need a competence and business development initiative!
Many companies have more than enough work running their core business, trying to keep productivity up with a high number of internal projects and still feel that it becomes more and more difficult every year to increase or even keep profits. Competitors catch up and the market gets tighter.

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