Innovation System Design

Innovation success needs time to mature.


You have invested a lot of energy and money in your innovation management and are still not happy with the results? Too little innovation spirit, too many processes, too much bureaucracy, sluggish projects, hardly any output?


For many companies it is essential to install a powerful innovation engine and to keep optimizing it. Sometimes suddenly and sometimes slowly the engine loses power. What fine tuning is necessary in such cases?


Our Innovation System Design© method offers practical guidance that supports innovation managers to analyse the complexity and level of maturity of an innovation system. It assists in defining concrete goals in designing innovation systems and deduce coordinated efforts to increase innovation performance. We have created a design method based on numerous consulting projects and an intensive analysis of the results of applied innovation research. Our method takes equally into account strategies, structures, culture, resources, competencies and processes and assists in deducing clear activities to increase innovation performance based on the specific level of maturity of the business.



Your benefits


With our method you specifically reduce input, increase efficiency of processes and improve the output in the field of innovation.


Your decision-makers develop a clearer understanding of what your innovation system must be able to do for the implementation of your business strategy.


You get a detailed and differentiated picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your current innovation performance. We do not bore you with aloof audits or benchmarking results that are little meaningful for your innovation performance. Instead we describe the status quo, how it is at the moment, providing also direct quotes of those involved.


You define bold, challenging and measureable targets in improving innovation performance.


You put into action a well-defined and coordinated set of measures to optimise the innovation system, supported by a professionally created and designed change process with a high potential of success. Innovation can also mean creative destruction, the letting go of old patterns, allowing change to happen, always with the goal to innovate better products, processes, services and business models.



We optimise your innovation performance!


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