Competence & Business Development

An organisation becomes bewildered rather than energised when it’s asked to do too much at once [   ].

Michael Hammer & James Champy, Reengineering The Corporation


Business models without specific USPs, marketing messages that are hardly any different from those of the competition, difficulties communication the strengths of your business and the extra value for your clients? You need a competence and business development initiative!


Many companies have more than enough work running their core business, trying to keep productivity up with a high number of internal projects and still feel that it becomes more and more difficult every year to increase or even keep profits. Competitors catch up and the market gets tighter.


Based on a detailed competence and business model analysis we supply you with a company specific competence and business model development map, using our trademark competence mapping© tool. It will enable you to stay future-orientated using business innovation, competence and project development. We support you in implementing your competence expansion and business development.



Your benefit


You get a marketing style representation of your company competencies for market communication and a meaningful SWOT-analysis of your current business model as basis for your further development.


You receive specific, external input for development options which we prepare in the form of an eye-catching Business Development Story.


You will be equipped with a transparent overview of competence and business development options for the discussion of setting strategic agendas.


You benefit from hands-on support in exploring and implementing competence and business development projects.


You will also profit from our innovation network which will provide you with a quicker route to new business partners.



We develop competencies and business further!


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