R&D strategies & programs

Well-founded strategies provide an accepted frame of reference for brain workers and knowledge-intensive organisations



Systematic science marketing

Increase share of competitively allocated research funds



Business development for product „knowledge“

Research is the transformation of money into knowledge, innovation is the transformation of knowledge into money   Dr. A. Oberholz

You have a hard time explaining to your stakeholders where your organisation is heading or how the many R&D projects, infrastructure investments, staff decisions, organisational actions and other activities are connected? Conflicts of interest and goals paralyse the important decision making process? You need a strategic frame of reference and an active strategy management!

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What has been looming for years has now become a reality. Public and corporate funds for research are scarce and research competition increases. Academic and non-academic research institutes more than ever have to fight for public or private funding, cooperation partners, investors and clients.

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Your organisation has at its disposal research competencies and results that empower it to found a permanent business and create an income stream beyond individual R&D projects? You are somehow missing the experience or methodology to evaluate a business opportunity or to find and build a business model that suits your organisation?
Together with you we design a tailor-made Business Development Strategy for your organisation.

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