Strategies & programs of innovation policy

Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground


Effective target systems

You cannot manage what you do not measure


Project, service & tool development

If we would know in detail what our business and R&D organisations do best, we could optimally suppart our members   H. Bleier

Innovation politics made enormous headway during the last 20 years. The simple allocation of funds made place for differentiated strategies and specialised organisations with a defined service range and evaluable implementation programs have taken over. Their quality more and more defines the prosperity of a region in a world that is becoming ever more complex. On the other hand, we see that almost all strategy papers look the same these days while some concepts are in fact nothing more than glossy empty phrases.

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Strategic goals of innovation policy are often abstract and challenge the responsible executive to decide if things run according to plan, if the strategy is implemented. Have you installed a practical and significant system of indicators for strategic controlling that influences the activities of all those involved?

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With the increasing professionalization of research, technology and innovation politics and the cut-back of public funding, the effectiveness of the service portfolio of business and innovation agencies, cluster, networks and other such intermediaries of regional innovation systems, is challenged. The pressure on executives of such organisations comes from all directions (politics, industry, science, media and the public). Is your organisation steeled for the increasing demands?

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