Strategies & programs of innovation policy

Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.


Innovation politics made enormous headway during the last 20 years. The simple allocation of funds made place for differentiated strategies and specialised organisations with a defined service range and evaluable implementation programs have taken over. Their quality more and more defines the prosperity of a region in a world that is becoming ever more complex. On the other hand, we see that almost all strategy papers look the same these days while some concepts are in fact nothing more than glossy empty phrases.

Do your strategies and programs have enough vision, substance, differentiation potential and grounding to succeed in the competition of the regions?


In close coordination with your organisation, we work out designs for participative strategy development processes that include different interest groups. We support your strategy development phase with creative inputs, small- and large-group work and prepare strategic concepts.


We guide you in developing and implementing innovation policy programs and together with your executives create management systems for strategy realisation.



Your benefit


You receive external strategic expertise and process know-how for regional innovation strategies that facilitate the acceptance of all involved stakeholder groups and improve the efficient utilisation of time and staff resources.


We equip you with to-the-point analyses and strategies that offer meaningful indicators for specific political decisions.


You will benefit from our long-term experience in developing and supporting economic innovation programs through suitable tools and time-proven approaches.



We support regional innovation systems!


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