Effective target systems

You cannot manage what you do not measure.


Strategic goals of innovation policy are often abstract and challenge the responsible executive to decide if things run according to plan, if the strategy is implemented. Have you installed a practical and significant system of indicators for strategic controlling that influences the activities of all those involved?


Together with you we develop a multidimensional target system architecture based on your strategy because modern innovation policy targets many groups (large corporations, SMEs, sole proprietorships, entrepreneurs, manufacturing industry, service providers, R&D sector, education sector, etc.) and aims at aligning as many involved organisations as possible.


In close cooperation with your executives we develop appropriate indicators and measuring systems for the pursuit of strategic targets and we support you in agreeing on target values.


We implement tailor-made processes and tools of target realisation.



Your benefit


You implement target systems that were developed according to the rule “keep it simple, but not stupid”, provide a powerful direction for daily activities and are based on easy-to-measure criteria.


You build systematic know-how in controlling strategy implementation through integrated control loops and regulatory circuits.


You benefit from our successful collaboration with innovation policy executives whose target system is considered best practice in the EU.



We support organisations in pursing strategic goals!


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