Project, service & tool development

If we would know in detail what our business and R&D organisations do best, we could optimally suppart our members.
Harald Bleier, Cluster manager Mechatronic-Cluster Lower Austria on the occasion of the presentation of the new-founded cluster 2010


With the increasing professionalization of research, technology and innovation politics and the cut-back of public funding, the effectiveness of the service portfolio of business and innovation agencies, cluster, networks and other such intermediaries of regional innovation systems, is challenged. The pressure on executives of such organisations comes from all directions (politics, industry, science, media and the public). Is your organisation steeled for the increasing demands?


Together with you we work out projects, services and tools that help you fulfilling your specific organisational tasks - increasing the innovation power in your region. Starting with an analysis to exploring new service features or the development of specific projects, innovations or tools, we make sure you stay ahead of the curve.


We support industry clusters, business and research networks, business and innovation agencies according to their specific needs. We host individual workshops, explore the preparation strategic decisions, conduct studies to innovation-related topics, facilitate cross-organisation processes, develop consortiums for national and international projects and offer long-term consulting for programs and organisations.



Your benefit


You benefit from our long-term experience in the field of performance design for organisations that have been trusted with the implementation of innovation policies. We share with you the experience that we gained from collaborating with demonstrably successful political implementers.


You receive structured external insights into the challenges your organisation faces, recommendations deduced thereof as well as suggestions for performance optimisation.


We equip you with practical tools for implementing projects that are relevant to all your stakeholders.



We support people with innovation political tasks and objectives!


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