Project partnership

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Traditional Native American Wisdom


Innovation consulting has changed significantly and speedily over the last 20 years and many new specialists - old masters or young guns - have entered the market. That’s why instead of a few large innovation consultancies we find today many small agencies competing on the market. This colourful blend of innovation know-how offers various options for cooperation.


We are open to many forms of project partnerships.


For us it is important to fix the following points from the get-go:


·                 Project targets and added-value of the cooperation

·                 Role and task allocation for the duration of the project

·                 Allocation of economic results of the cooperation

·                 Agreement for the time after finishing the project.


We have a distinctive value system and our business diligence is based on the guiding principles of the “honourable merchant”.


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Every partnership starts with the first chat. Let’s talk about potential mutual projects
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We happily cooperate based on the guiding principles of the honourable merchant!


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